Round Trips

• Travel well-informed:
we especially care for reliable information about Albania and the Albanians in favour of a realistic idea of this country as a living space of man and nature

• Travel integrated:
Our tours take you to the people and the daily life allowing a better mutual understanding and exciting encounters; it’s not about beautiful sceneries only, but about people

• Travel responsible:
we use our local expertise of a DMC to match the common interest of the local communities with the demand and opportunities of the international tourism markets

Tours for groups

Soft hiking & culture in Southern Albania 15 days

This combination of easy hiking and cultural highlights is our favourite and classic at the same time. Since 2007 we operate this leisure tour successfully, partly with some days beyond the border, in Northern Greece or Western Macedonia. Albania offers the perfect setting for this kind of tour being organized in a personal atmosphere with small groups, comfortable family run hotels, and with qualified tour guides. It is very beneficial for those who seek more than just a first understanding of this fascinating country during a short and relaxing time.

Hiking in the Albanian Alps 8 days

Together with the 15 days “soft hiking and culture in Southern Albania” this hiking week in the Albanian Alps complements our offer of the most exciting hiking regions of Albania. We have good reasons to separate the Northern Alps from the South. The access to the mountains of the North is more intricate, the steep passes require a better physical condition, and the accommodation standard in the mountains is rather basic than comfortable. In short: Less comfort, more wilderness.

Study & culture Albania 11 days

If we were fully free to design a study tour about Albania, how the tour will look like? Our result is this generalist’s 11 days tour to the most exciting attraction of the Albanian territory. We don’t couch on the beach, it is a dense programme of sightseeing and encounter, of history and modernity, but still it is a tour for active leisure. In good Mediterranean tradition Albanians know how to live, and we let you participate in the good parts of the Albanian way of life.

Concert & culture Albania 10 days

Each of these tours are a surprise: which cultural event - traditional and modern - like opera, theatre, festivals, expositions - will be part of the tour programme? It is not a specific concert which defines the travel date, but we will find out the right events for the given travel period. This is ambitious, but counts on the spontaneity of Albanian daily life. Of course we don’t neglect the historical attractions of Albania, with the eventual events as the cream of the crop of culture and arts in Albania today.

Best of Albania sightseeing 8 days

“One fits all” is not the slogan of Berati Tours Albania. Without haste it is difficult to visit all of the countries best sights within 8 days. (A travel to “see all of a country” is illusionary anyway.) Being obliged to a compromise we don’t offer a standard group travel from close the scratch, but always ask for more details of the ancillary conditions of the group travel planned. It is somehow amazing to see the considerable differences between the resulting itineraries and tour details.

Themed tour “Albania on the way towards EU” 8 days

The EU membership is the undisputed vision shared of (almost) any Albanian citizen or political party. During this compact educational trip we focus on the perspectives and the progress of Albania towards EU membership. We visit the rural periphery as well as the urban centres of the territory, refer to EU funded projects and involvement, and discuss with critical experts about their opinion of the EU status and the future. The Albanian transition vividly shows the complex situation of policy making, and the need to adapt the structure models of EU to the specific situation of the Albanian people. (photo: the Coin tower in Tirana hosts also the offices of the European Commission)

“Albanian Balkan”sightseeing 9 days

There are actually more Albanians living outside of the territory of Albania than inside: in Kosovo, of course, the new independent state from former Serbia, but also in the other neighbouring countries Montenegro and Macedonia live a considerable number of people with Albanian origins. Geographically and historically split since generations it is the purpose of this tour to compare and better understand the differences among the four countries, especially referring to the Albanians and their life circumstances of the past and today. It goes without saying the visit of each of the 4 capitals is a must.

Wine & culinary culture Albania 10 days

The viticulture is a tradition of the sunny Mediterranean lasting some thousand years. In Albania too, you can find those small family run cellars going for a taste of quality and “terroir”, with local grapes like „Shesh“, „Vlosh“, „Serine“, etc. Fine and honest Albanian wines as well as the fresh home style dishes are a distinct part of the tour’s culinary culture programme: we visit selected Albanian wineries and inspiring restaurants, and passing through the various landscapes of almost all parts of the country we cherry-pick along our itinerary the attractions from the long history and the today’s daily life.

Wine & culinary culture Western Balkans 8 days

The viticulture is a tradition of the sunny Mediterranean lasting some thousand years. On this tour you will retrace this tradition in four countries of the Western Balkans, including Albania, rather unknown in comparison with the other three. The vines of Northern Greece, of Macedonia and of Montenegro already gained international reputation, and the Albanian wines have to withstand a strong competition. We are optimistic they will. The tour’s culinary culture programme will be completed by inspiring food and restaurants, and cherry-picking of the best travel attractions along our itinerary.

Tours for Individuals

Best of Albania 8 days standard + extensions (rent a car/ taxi)

Drive or let you drive through breathtaking sea and mountain landscapes, and visit the cultural highlights of Albania. The 8-days standard tour leads you from Tirana to the South (Albanian Riviera, Gjirokastra, Berat), additional days allow you to visit also the other parts of the country. Or take a break for some sun & bath at the Ionic sea? With our tool set of tour elements you easily combine your individual Albania holidays of overall 2 weeks and more. This tour is available by taxi with different “driver categories”, or – if you prefer to drive on your own - with rent-a-car or your own car.

Best of Albania combined with local hiking tours

If you like to do some hiking on your individual round trip through Albania, we can organize guided hikes for you in the most attractive mountain regions of Albania. We facilitate the contact and exchange all necessary information with the local mountain guides in advance regarding the local possibilities and your personal expectations like length and difficulty of the hike. See also the "Local Discoveries" offers.

Taxi tour with family stays (15 days)

On your trip through Albania you generally will be touched by the authentic friendliness and warm hospitality of most Albanians. If you prefer a maximum of integrated travel, we can facilitate for you the contact with the local inhabitants and their “normal” daily life. We suggest to rent a taxi of the category “basic” (=speaks no foreign language) or “international” (=speaks a foreign language fluently) for transport, and choose sometimes times a private family home instead of a hotel or a restaurant.

Mountain Biking through Southern Albania 14 days

This individually planned mountain bike tour tries to avoid, if possible, the main roads with most car traffic and leads to the most exciting sights of the region, between Korca, Berat, Vlore and Saranda. In some of the remote areas less than 2 cyclists seem to pass by within a 10 years period. The experience told that - although documented in a detailed, daily road book - it’s not always easy to keep the right track. Often there will be no signs at all, and nobody to ask to for a clear affirmation. A tour for the adventurous provided with physical fitness and a strong spirit of discovery.

Across Albania from North to South 4 days+

For long the drive along the Adriatic coast from Croatia to the Greek islands would be a classic tour if the Albanian dictatorship didn’t close it for some 40 years. Still today many don’t know that the way through Albania is possible without visa, and is also one of the most beautiful parts, at least along the Albanian riviera in the South. For your tour along the Albanian coast from North to South, we put together your itinerary, book the right accommodation (e.g. a campsite when driving with a caravan), and more.

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